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Shepherd Of Sweden Craftsmanship

Conveyor belts and large-scale production are not for Shepherd of Sweden. For us, craftsmanship and hand-feel are still crucial to constructing high-quality products.


A lot of people are surprised when they realise how much of a Shepherd of Sweden slipper is still made by hand. But that overlooks the fact that each sheepskin has a unique colour and structure, and requires experience to be used properly.”

Toni Dimov, product and design manager at Shepherd of Sweden, explains that the company is clear on its strategy to have its own factory for producing its high end sheepskin slippers and footwear, which allows for flexibility and guarantees the highest quality possible. And they never compromise on always using 100 percent sheepskin.

“Unfortunately, there are some dishonest players out there selling sheepskin slippers that also contain other inferior leathers. But quality always pays off in the long run.”